American Detective Agency


Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Investigation.  The American Law Enforcement Association.


Award Membership in the International Academy of Criminology.


1980 named Who’s Who in American Law Enforcement, placed in the Library of Congress and to each state Library for historical and educational purposes.


John Edgar Hoover Memorial Gold Medal for distinguished public service.


Marine Corps League Distinguished Service Award.


1998 was chosen out of 50,000 Investigators throughout the United States, one of the top 50 PI’s by PI Magazine, the leader in Private Investigative trade journals.


1998 awarded the Certified Master Investigator Designation, a recognition of establish knowledge relevant to the Investigative profession.  Certified by the National Investigation Academy.


1998 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The House of Representatives awarded a Citation honoring Joseph Alercia II as the founder of Lion Investigation Academy.  Also honoring Joseph Alercia II for his dedicated pursuit of peace and justice in our constantly changing society.  Sponsored by the Honorable Lisa M. Boscola, and attested to by Matthew Ryan, Speaker of the House and Ted Mazia, Chief Clerk of the House.


June 1997, Marine Corps League, Department of Pennsylvania, Dedicated Service Award, 25 years, Northampton County Detachment.